Spread Betting vs Fixed Odds Trading.

I'm up to our necks beside victimisation one of these commercialism systems - you'll presently toil out which one.

Let's opening next to Spread Betting.

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You can win a TON of MONEY:)


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You can misplace 2 TONS of MONEY:(

Spread having a bet is 'linear', you can either bet up or down. The big side is that you can mislay more than than your first interest.

If you are into cover betting, consequently to me you are one of cardinal types.

  1. MAD (you must be mad to danger losing more than than your first share)
  2. GREEDY (greedy relatives get sucked into the 'instant riches' of spread trading)
  3. MAD and GREEDY (add the two above in cooperation)
  4. Very Rich (you don't exactness if you lose, you are enjoying the charge of the quest)
  5. A Professional trader (you whip calculated risks on trading, but belike variety most of your proceeds from marketing your work to 1,2,3 and 4)

Have you worked out yet that I'm not a fan of Spread Betting?

Ok, now we move away onto Financial Fixed Odds Trading.

Not detected of it? I'm not shaken.

It is protrusive to germinate in quality as the speech spreads.

Fixed Odds Trading (or dissipated)


  • You can win a ton of money
  • You cannot suffer more than your stake
  • Choose your own hazard plane (we all have a venture 'comfort zone')
  • Choose which flea market to activity next to e.g. Indices, such as Dow or FTSE. Forex - in masses distinguishable markets. e.g. £/$ or $/Euro
  • More markets will be forthcoming on smudge in a bit.
  • Set nip in the bud/loss triggers
  • Choose the circumstance framing that you poverty to selling in. Depending on the class of retail it can be from 10 mins to 6 months.
  • You don't condition to be a professional trader to net assets.


It is betting, so you CAN miss. The bookmakers wouldn't stay in commercial for long-term if every person won.

There is a learning warp that you have to get done.

I've discussed the study outline with the highest shaper in Fixed Odds. They say that the midpoint report is live for nearly 2-3 months. During that time, heaps new traders who don't genuinely know the ropes, suffer all of their part money, bit by bit, and consequently in recent times standstill commercialism.

The Easier Way

There is different way and present in attendance is the semblance beside daub betting. Join a employ or strong views which is run by professionals who cognise how to win best of the case. If someone ever tells you that they win all the instance then they are liars - counsel healthy distant.

Most memberships run in the said way. They set aside researched trades for you to set done your own commerce description next to the bookmaker, or sometimes inside a Club wherever the trades are situated for you.

Membership work incline to hold out trades inside confident 'risk' areas. Remember that I mentioned one and all has a risk condition zone?

The last that the bookmakers will allow you to go is routinely a 3% arrival. These are ultra past the worst bets, but financial loss do go on.

Then location is the unhurt strip of 8-12% reappear.

After that we get into the 20% to 50% flood back. These are the riskier trades and you will get a high proportion of loses.

Then we have the 'brown trouser' trades that can be 50%

It is a pure buying off. The high the promise %age income tax return then the higher the danger of losing. You have to chose your own be a foil for.

It all depends on a) your danger antipathy and b) what strategy you poverty to take on for increasing your returns.

Two property that you status to know now active this genre of mercantilism.

1. It is not visible to US residents. Currently, the a range of government and national torah in the USA formulate 'offshore betting' a precise grayish country. So the bookmakers will not allow US residents to friendly a commerce rationalization. I cognize that in that are different law firms superficial into this and it may change, but it will lift a few months, at smallest possible.

2. If you interweave a body service, then you MUST cause in the time unit expenditure of the service to your possible returns. Do not form the clanger of protrusive your trading report too miniscule. I would advise a lowest of $2000 (£1000) and more than if you can expend it.

Now that is YOUR mercantilism commentary near the bookmaker (they don't tender appreciation). You poorness to have enough to be competent to fix the regularized offered trades and living one in store for the odd 'buy me now' trade. I would advise staking 10-15% of your financial organization on any one exchange.

I'll communicate you a snatched tale here and it is immaculately echt.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference in the UK and got conversation to a guy sitting side by side to me. We got onto the thesis of Fixed Odds trading and he told me that he had been a branch of a very well cognize swollen stake feature that hot next to £100 /month. He started his mercantilism financial organisation near £500 and it was all departed within 2 months.

He had made two mistakes. Joining a graduate peril service common near not having enough in his trading edge to indemnify him done any losses. Unfortunately, his original two trades were losers.

I don't speak about you that to scare you off - fitting so that you cognise the pitfalls and advantages of the sponsorship services.

I could go on and bequeath you a lot of item almost Fixed Odds trading, but afterwards this nonfictional prose would get impressively extensive.

Ok, I'll come in cleanse - I do run a devotion resource (safe tax return) and I have a broad Guide for Fixed Odds commerce (80 pages).

If you privation to larn markedly more than roughly Fixed Odds trading then observe out the connection in my bio.

Graham Hawarth

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