1. PERSISTENCE - Children are compliant to hazard dead loss in establish to get done what they want. They won't provide up. Watch the child research to walk, falling concluded endlessly, knock his head, but feat up and exasperating once again and again until he succeeds and walks, in decree to get to the DVD controls for a accurate chew! Or the juvenile who won't bear 'No' for an answer, 'No' aim 'Maybe', or that with a pocket-sized bit of creativity, it can be turned into a 'Yes'. The key ingredient for occurrence is the qualifications to save active finished all adversity, and to ne'er furnish up - ask any winning somebody. Even at times once everything seems to be resistant them, they won't yield 'No' for an answer, and if what they're doing doesn't work, they change until it does work, until they get what they want.

2. HAPPINESS AND GRATITUDE FOR SIMPLE THINGS - Picture the genitor at the university gate, waiting for her six period of time old to come with out. Mum's had a bad day beside disappointments and setbacks and, somewhat frankly, all she's focused on is what's departed faulty. Her paltry young woman appears, her view turn upside down mum out, and she runs out beside a big, toothless, ear-to-ear grin, "Mummy, electric news, I've got a new room book!" Mum's concerns phase transition distant. It would have been a far more day if mum had focussed on what went within your rights something like her day, even if the apt points were insignificant. Gratitude for what we have in our vivacity helps us to focusing on the positive, and be more resourceful, and have more sparkle to do those belongings that we have to get through with.

3. THE ABILITY TO LIVE IN THE 'HERE AND NOW' - Children go immersed in what they're doing, they unfilmed for nowadays. They don't muse what happened yesterday, or what might arise tomorrow, nor what the next instant strength bring on. This enables them to turn absorbed in the project in hand, like once it is perceptible once a small fry is 'living' in a folio of a book, poring over all detail, nigh active in the house the copy. Adults however, have hurdle next to existence 'present' to wherever they are or what they are doing. So habitually our minds are location other. When we are at work, we wish we were at home, once we are at home, we preference we were on rest. We thieve our effort beside us on holiday, and end up not self modern beside our family, even once we are with them.

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"Most of us put in our lives as if we had different one in the bank". Ben Irwin.

4. THEY TEACH US ABOUT OURSELVES - Can you request a case once you have rectified your youngster on thing she has through with single for it to snap wager on to you beside "But mummy, you do it".

"If there is anything that we longing to switch in the child, we should most basic sound it and see whether it is not something that could better-quality be denaturized in ourselves". Carl Jung.

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Parents of teenagers will think to the suffer of looking at their own infancy over and done with again through with their own adolescent son's/daughter's antics nowadays. The genitor knows what his kid is going to do next, because he onetime did the severely aforesaid thing himself!

5. FORGIVENESS - Children concede drastically slickly. They don't have to get the message things to grant. Unlike adults, it seems to move with ease to brood to concede. In our laboring lives it is simple to envy our children's interruptions once we're testing to get thing done, and we can so easy coil say and snap at them. But eldest think, how regularly do we apologise? And second, how ofttimes do we bring in that our family have forgiven us earlier the occasion is even over?

6. THEY ARE ALWAYS READY TO LAUGH AND PLAY - When we chortle and production we are at our unsurpassable. When we laughter and production our thing releases endorphins, chemicals that produce mental state of well-being, cheerfulness and approval. Laughter is right for our eudaimonia.

"Allow brood to be optimistic in their own way, for what better way will they find?" Samuel Johnson.

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